Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents' Day 2008

To all Americans: Happy Presidents' Day & God bless America!

Many developments recently:
1. Kosovo is declared independent from Serbia.
2. General Elections are held in Pakistan today after being postponed from 8 Jan.
3. Shootings took place at Northern Illinois University.
4. US orders largest ever beef recall--143 million pounds of frozen beef!

Really eventful.

It is already the 18th of January and yet I feel kind of unaccomplished. Perhaps it's because I am just not actively learning. I feel free. Is this supposed to be good? I don't want to rot. Besides, I am leaving TJC as of tomorrow. I chose to go to NYP instead because I feel that I am ready to specialize. I hope to enroll in the Molecular Biotechnology course. Since polytechnic does not start right after PAE, there is a possibility of rotting away.

I'll try not to.

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