Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New York Philharmonic Plays in North Korea


Yes, the symphony orchestra plays in North Korea. That's DPRK. U.S. to DPRK! Two different worlds!

North Korea. Bet you haven't been there yourself! They don't want you there, and you probably won't want to be there anyway--you might not make it back...

I have heard of quite a number of stories about the life in the DPRK. It is sad that citizens of the DPRK have no freedom. They didn't choose to be born there, did they? Starving citizens, unhealthy babies put to sleep, forced labour...

And dictator Kim Jong Il... Human rights abuses, concentration camps, nuclear testing.

So, not all North Koreans are admitted to Pyongyang, and most of them are probably unaware of this visit from the NYPO. But I support the move in itself (let's not discuss other controversies for the moment). I see it as an opportunity for better relations between the U.S. and the DPRK. It is one step closer to improving the lives of North Koreans. How tiny a step it may seem, it is nevertheless still a step.

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