Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This afternoon, I had lunch with Benjamin, one of my former classmates in TJC during the PAE period. Haven't seen each other face to face for 4-5 months! When we met at Bedok Interchange, that good, old feeling came back.

So we had lunch at Long John Silver's. We passed by KFC, but he said that the food at KFC is more "heaty" than that of Long John Silver's. I don't know how true is that.

We had quite a lot of stuff to exchange. 4, 5 months! We talked for quite a while. It has been so LONG since I sat back, relaxed and chatted with a friend. My lunches in NYP are usually rushed. And of course, the main thing that we chatted about, was school.

He would tell me how's stuff in TJC, and I would share my life in NYP too. He told me that Mr. Iskandar is seriously ill. Really sorry to hear about that. Hope he gets well soon.

I can still vividly remember all the 3 science teachers who taught CG06/08 during the PAE period. Their faces especially. Sigh... I can remember the times with YJ, Ben, Nic, ZY. Especially Ben and Nic. We would have lunch together at the food centre opposite TJC. We just clicked. I need to renew these friendships. Something tells me that if I might regret if I just let these friends pass me. I am not going to let that happen.

When I think about friendships again, I will think about the difference between SJI, TJC and NYP. The type of people and their attitude and the environment. I can analyse and determine who will be my friends for life, who are my true friends who will stick with me through thick and thin. It is best if I don't elaborate too much about this. Those who know me well enough will know what I mean.

I want to meet up with all 4 of them the next time! I am not going to neglect and take my friends for granted. Yea, not going to make a mistake that I will regret. I am going to treasure these people. Good friends are hard to come by.

To my friends in JC: If you didn't do too well for your JCTs, don't fret. Work harder. Press on. I know you guys can do it. Especially those in CG06/08! Come on, triple science! You have my support! Benjamin and Nicholas, yes, you guys will BE BACK.

With that, here's a video from Youtube: That's What Friends Are For.