Thursday, February 28, 2008

JI Terrorist Escapes from Detention Centre

Singapore's most wanted JI militant leader Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre yesterday. It has been about a day, and we still have not apprehended him. We deployed the police, the Gurkhas in a massive manhunt, and we still have not caught him.

Oh, and I won't put a picture of him here. My blog doesn't like it.

So as The Straits Times put it, "Security at detention centre is 'very tight'." Yes, I am sure it is very secure. Seems to me like Singapore detention centre is only built for Singaporean detainees. In the first place, why put terrorists in a detainment centre? They deserve to be in a prison with better security. You hope you can change their ways but I'll tell you, it is hard. It is their way of life. And in this case, it backfired. A leopard never change its spots. I see a possible reform in every prisoner but a terrorist. Moreover, Mas Selamat is such a hardcore terrorist.

I heard he escaped during a toilet break (he requested)? Question is, how? How did he even manage to get out of the compound?

Mas Selamat managed to flee from Singapore in December 2001. He was eventually deported to Singapore in February 2006 after serving time in two Indonesian jails for immigration offences. And we let him escape? What kind of "tight security" is this? Some might probably compare this one security breach in Singapore to many breaches in the UK. But hey, this is Singapore. We are smaller? We are safe? And he escaped successfully? Do I have the right to be embarrassed about this? I think so.

Yes, don't be alarmed. He is unarmed. So what? I am not at peace, knowing that a terrorist (JI, Singapore operations) is at large in my country.

Here is a surveillance tape from a JI terrorist in Singapore:

He planned to attack our Yishun MRT Station. And he planned to hijack an aircraft and crash it into Changi Airport. He is still determined to do so. We only have one Changi Airport, one public airport, and we cannot risk it.

Before I forget, have the police searched for possible tunnels present in the cemetery? Who knows, he might be hiding there. And have they searched the basement of the houses in that area? He could be hiding with his fellow secret extremists. Come on, look at this determined Mas Selamat. He probably had a backup plan when he escaped from the detention centre. He probably knows who to meet, who to link up with. He could possibly flee from Singapore (again) within a short period of time! If you think that Singapore is clean and free from extremists, think again.

Would someone just put them in Guantanamo, their home?

I really hope that the Gurkhas and the police can find and capture him in due time. As Dr. Gunaratna said, "every Singaporean must be alert and make a concerted effort to indentify him before he leaves Singapore." Amen.

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