Thursday, February 21, 2008

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"Why does it seem as if most of the decisions in my workplace are made by drunken lemurs?"
"Decisions are made by people who have time, not people who have talent."
"Why are talented people so busy?"
"They're fixing the problems made by people who have time."

Was it funny?

He pinned the Dilbert Comic Strip on the office bulletin last October, hoping that it would brighten the atmosphere in the office. Unfortunately, it didn't.

David Steward was fired from the Catfish Bend Casino at Iowa as the management found the cartoon to be "very offensive".

There might be warnings or disclaimers in the future that a joke is meant to be a joke.

What? I think this is ridiculous. Come on, it is just a joke, and you can see that it is a joke, because you can see it is Dilbert! It just shows narrowmindedness, a lack of humour, and maybe a lack of confidence. If you cannot except the joke because you think it is too insulting and disrepsectful, there's still no need to go to the extent of firing your employee. What a douche.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams says, "and any chance to mock the humourless is worth the effort."

And here's Wednesday's comic strip from Dilbert concerning this issue:

Haha. This is funnier.

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